My Painting Table in Barcelona

May 21, 2016

I read somewhere that the ancient Japanese painters would bury their brushes as part of a formal ritual after they had exhausted them. This level of deep respect for the tools and instruments which have dutifully served us in our craft or trade and become a part of us is appropriate in my opinion. They are deserving of such  veneration.

Painting to Give Praise

My painting table here in Barcelona is crowded with old jars from the kitchen: Honey, black strap molasses, yogurt,etc. They come in handy, so I never throw them away. And of course there are the brushes in big coffee cans, a palette, palette knife, some tubes of paint.
With time, the objects in our lives can take on personalities and become imbued with our life energy and serve as containers for memories of the things which we and they have seen of our lives, they are like silent witnesses. Eventually, we may consider them as trusty old friends. Painting them, or anything or anyone, is one way to  show respect and to be a witness in turn. As if to say: “I see you too, and I appreciate and value you”. The act of painting is, for me, a form of praise and an expression of love.






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