‘Divine Creation’

Apr 28, 2021

Often, when I first put paint on a new canvas, I have only a vague idea of what I want to do with it. I work by instinct. The painting reveals itself through the journey of creation. This is sometimes a slow process, requiring patience and faith. This journey contains an arch which is like the arch of a life, from conception to development, maturity, and resolution, conclusion. Its conclusion is an ending, but it is also a beginning. The painting has arrived at its full fruition and the creative process as it has existed in this form, the physical container of this painting, has exhausted itself. There’s an energy transfer from one painting to another. This energy contains the creative life force and continues on, so there is no end, no death, only a shift of energy.

I try to open myself up as much as possible to receive what wants to come through the mind, the heart, the palette, the brush, and then onto the canvas. Whatever the result is, as with all things in life, so it is as it must be, appropriate for that moment. I regard paintings such as this one as allegorical works, parables, or fables in paint. While I have a general idea of where I am going, there is no fixed meaning or interpretation. Interpretations which others have offered are more interesting than the ones I had imagined. For this reason, I sometimes like to ask people what they think a particular painting means. In fact, a painting doesn’t have to mean anything at all. It can be a starting point for an exploration of an idea, a truth, or an emotion. Or, it may simply imbue a space, offering an invitation to spend a little time with a mood or feeling which the work might evoke or suggest.


I invited Carmina to write a brief text about this painting. She’s a wonderful writer and understands my work, sometimes even better than I do. Without her contribution and invaluable guidance, it wouldn’t exist as it does. This painting results from collaboration. And in the end, what don’t we do through collaboration in some form or another? For if there’s one thing I’m forever being reminded of, it’s that we are more interconnected than we can imagine, not only with each other but with all beings and things. While painting, I envisioned this interconnectedness as a great web which joins us all to everything, to each other. And it is ineffable, expanding, loving, infinite.

Robert Froh,

April 2021

The Flower of Life

The Divine Creation is a painting that is born from the unconscious. It is a tribute to Women as creators of Life, in which elements of Sacred Geometry are included. Thus, the scene represents the origin of life, based on the Flower of Life symbol that is expanding throughout the Universe.

The Woman appears naked, with humility, surrendering to the Universe, with all her creative energy, carrying in her hands the Flower of Life, as a symbol of Unity with the Whole. It is a circle intersected with other hexagonal-shaped circles.

The Flower of Life represents the origin of things and 

the indissoluble connection between all things. Its pattern is a network that interconnects all levels of the Universe and represents Unity with the whole. The Flower of Life is the sacred image of the Unity of the Cosmos. It is the matrix from which everything is born and where everything returns.

Carmina Vallverdú del Olmo 

April 2021

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