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On a Winter’s Night

Nov 27, 2017

This woodcut was inspired by the winter holidays, the season of light.  The winter solstice, like the summer solstice, involves fire. However, the winter solstice is a more intimate time which lends itself better to indoor, domestic celebrations.  A candle, its flame at turns steady and  flickering, illuminates the objects placed upon the tabletop in much the same way that a  starry sky illuminates our cities, villages,  fields and valleys from above. Holiday lights, some  lurid and some elegant,  adorn our streets and town squares.  And then  there are Christmas trees with their twinkling bulbs, resplendent and festively  on display in public places and in our neighbors’ windows, all for us to enjoy together.  These lights are comforting, reassuring in this darkest time of the year.

Tea and Cookies

Two friends  gather  together on a winter’s night for tea and cookies, but also to share what is in their hearts.

Perhaps they talk about a few of the frustrations and  disappointments they have experienced since they last saw each other.

Perhaps they talk about the fears, both great and small, they have had or still have.

Maybe they talk about moments of happiness and some of the joys which they have felt over the past twelve months, as well as hopes and expectations for the coming year.


A Bridge for Connection

The food and drink we share , the stories we tell, the songs we sing and the music we listen to together all serve to unite and remind us that we are neither as alone as we sometimes fear nor as independent as we sometimes like to believe. The presence of a friend may shine a light on the dark  places within ourselves and help us to thaw in those areas , simply through  being together.

Two friends  sit down with each other for  tea and cookies. And in so doing they create, as Joanna Macy said so poetically,  “a bridge for connection, an occasion for love, a place where truth can happen.”

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