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The people and places depicted in my paintings are both real & imagined.  For inspiration, I turn to my surroundings in and around Barcelona, both the city & the natural world. This is a parallel universe, but no less real than the everyday world we experience daily. When I paint, I experience joy & inner-peace. It is my wish that you experience something of the same while looking at this work. One may think of these paintings as invitations, portals, to peace. I believe this peace & joy is our birthright and is always there in every moment, just waiting to be rediscovered.

Robert Froh

Autumn, 2020


Paintings, Prints & Accessories

Original Paintings

Featuring a selection of original oil paintings available for purchase.

Fine Art Prints

A selection of high-quality giclée limited & open edition prints.

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A selection of Fashion & Home accessories, including coffee mugs & tote bags.

Writings about new paintings & other things.

‘Divine Creation’

‘Divine Creation’

Often, when I first put paint on a new canvas, I have only a vague idea of what I want to do with it. I work by instinct. The painting reveals itself through the journey of creation. This is sometimes a slow process, requiring patience and faith. This journey contains...

Dancing in the Dark, The Night Sea Journey

Dancing in the Dark, The Night Sea Journey

Sometimes, when the world seems broken, when what is fair and good seems to be overshadowed by injustice and I´m feeling down, I go to nature. Surrounded by trees and touching the soft earth, or sitting next to the sea and looking up at the night sky, I find relief, ...

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